Booking conditions

Reservation terms and conditions

To make a reservation you should send an e-mail application to in which you must specify the following:
The cottage you have selected
The rental time chosen (Arrival Date and Departure Date)
Name, surname and date of birth of the customer (please, make sure that the spelling of your name is correct and coincided with its writing in the passport)
Customer’s contact details (phone/e-mail, address)
After receiving this information we reserve the cottage for you and send you a receipt of 50% advance payment. You should send back the receipt or any other document confirming payment to
We will send you a booking confirmation based on pre-payment.
If the reservation is for more than 8 weeks prior to arrival, the customer is sent a receipt for advance payment (50% of the total sum) and an account for payment of the remaining sum. These receipts should be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to the Arrival day.
If the prior to the arrival date is less than 8 weeks,  then renting a cottage is to be fully paid.
If the customer has not made the payment within the specified period, the contract is canceled according to the Cancellation terms and conditions mentioned below.

Cancellation terms and conditions

Cancellation is always made by a written notice. If cancellation occurs more than 8 weeks prior to the Arrival day then the customer is returned the entire amount prepaid, net of services in booking (50 euro). If the order is canceled by the customer less than 8 weeks prior to arrival then 50% refund of your prepayment amount is returned. This condition does not apply to cases where the cancellation takes place due to reasons beyond the customer, which he could not have known at the time of making an order and these cases make it impossible to arrive in a booked cottage on time (severe injury, serious accident, death of loved ones, etc.). In such cases it is obligatory to attach the document confirming the accidents above (doctor’s certificate, the official certificate of the relevant bodies, etc.).
The tenant has the right to unilaterally cancel the reservation in case of force majeure (natural disasters, fire, acts of war, strikes, the decisions of higher state bodies, etc.) and immediately notify the customer. In this case, the customer is entitled to a refund of rent. At the same time the tenant on the basis of its features can offer the client another cottage, which is not affected by force majeure.

Receiving and returning the key

The client receives the right of residence and the use of the cottage on the Arrival day at 4 p.m. On the Departure day the cottage is in the client’s disposal until 12 a.m.
Upon arrival client receives 2 keys, which should be returned on time. In case of loss the client is charged for all the actual expenses of changing the locks.

Staying in a cottage

The rent of a cottage assumes its free usage. The rental price includes the usage of kitchen utensils, cutlery, all appliances, wood for heating the bath and the fireplace. The client should take care of the furniture and property. The client must maintain the order in the cottage and in a timely manner take out the garbage and waste. At the Departure day the cottage must be put into proper condition. If at the end of the lease the cottage is left in a state that does not meet the standards of cleanliness and hygiene as advised, the guests are charged for an additional cleaning of the cottage in the amount of 150 euro.

Complaints and Compensation of damage and lost items

The tenant should be immediately informed about all the possible damage and shortages in the cottage that the client has noticed upon the Arrival day so it can be corrected or compensated as soon as it is possible. The client should immediately report the tenant about any damage of cottage and situated therein movable property caused by the guest and compensate for damages. In the case of non-disclosure of the harm they may have made, the client will be charged in accordance with a specially manufactured estimate of the amount of damage. If the client and the owner of the cottage can not reach any mutual understanding on the issue of compensation, the client may apply to the Commission for Consumer Protection in Finland.

Amount of Passengers

The number of persons must strictly conform to the specified number of available beds in the cottage

Smoking, Pets

Smoking in the cottage rooms is strictly forbidden. Unauthorized smoking indoors will incur a fee of 200 euro.
Staying in the cottage with pets must be agreed in advance (in case, if it is provided in the particular cottage). For the animals living in the cottage without permission the guest will be charged a fee in the amount of 500 euro for costs for the dry cleaned furniture, carpets and bedding.
In this case the tenant is not responsible for any allergic reactions of customers

The tenant follows the international standards and terms and conditions of reservation
For reservations and accommodation please contact us at or by the phone numbers +358 456 96 10 95 and +7 950 224 06 68 – Julia.